Explain the different status possible in an online transaction?

The aspirant can counter vivid statuses as discussed below;

  1. Initialize
    • a. Not Started: The transaction has not been started yet.
    • b. Initiated/Initial: The transaction has been started but not completed.
  2. Refund Status
    • a. Partially Refunded: A part of paid amount of the transaction has been refunded.
    • b. Refunded: Entire amount of the transaction has been refunded.
  3. Failed
    • a. Bounced:  Incomplete or no details provided on the payment page.
    • b. Failed: The transaction was not completed due to a failure.
    • c. Under Dispute: A dispute for the transaction has been raised.
  4. Successful
    • a. Money with the Wallet: The transaction was successful and the transaction amount is with the wallet money (for eg- PayUMoney)
    • b. Settlement Process: Settlement of the transaction in process.
    • c. Completed: The transaction is settled and completed.

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